Al-Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Eid Collection Vol-2

Monsoon Festivana Eid Collection Vol 2 10  Al Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Eid Collection Vol 2

Al-Zohaib Textile is one of the most important and famous fashion labels Pakistan. Al-Zohaib Textile worked in this field since 2011 and have since been published as a collection each season or Monsoon occasion. Al-Zohaib Textile Festivana recently published collection 2013 Volume 2. Al-Zohaib Textile is a fashion brand that has always captivated Textiles zohaib outfits. Al eligible women has launched many collection account and complete record collection cups and textiles hues.

Al-Zohaib launched their eid collection 2013 under different categories.One the finest collection of Festivana Monsoon Collection 2013 Volume 2 has launched.In this collection, the total embroidered and printed both types of dresses have been added designs and gorgeous dresses and looks.Each all eid collection adorned elegant and impressive couture collection styles.

This Eid al-Zohaib textile was formed by long shirts and dresses with tights and trousers.The colors used for this collection are bright, of course, as red, orange, green, blue, brown, and so on etc.Girls! these dresses are looking gorgeous and vibrant wealth shades.Just waiting a little here and take a look at this collection ..

pixel  Al Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Eid Collection Vol 2